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Gift Cards

The Quilt Loft offers gift cards to our customers and their friends and family as a comfortable way to eliminate the endless search for that perfect gift or trying to guess at the recipients preferences. Please note that gift cards are only available at our store. We do not offer them online. When you purchase a gift card from The Quilt Loft the card contains the exact value the purchaser paid for that card. We do not charge fees or service charges.

We recently received a phone call from a customer who purchased a gift card online. They did not however purchase this gift card at The Quilt Loft website. Unfortunately, they purchased the gift card from a "gift card service" that shall remain nameless. This company charges a fee for their service, which we will never do. This company also requires the person receiving the gift to provide either their checking account number or a credit card so the company can transfer the money to the the person who received the gift card. Unfortunately this company uses business names of companies they are not affiliated with, such as The Quilt Loft, to advertise their service online. We recommend you do not use these types of companies. But if this is your only option, please look at the reviews online before you buy.